Young Life Tyler has entered the realm of Middle Schoolers in our community to truly make an impact in our world!

We have seven adult leaders who are longing to give their lives away for the Kingdom and influence our middle school friends.

All of our leaders are trained, have national background checks and are rearin' to go to tell our new friends the Greatest News that they will EVER hear...  This news about a God who is CRAZY about them and is relentless to show them His Love and even Himself!​​​

Stayin' in the Loop...

To be honest with you, PARENTS are the key to a successful Wyldlife in an area and Tyler is no different!
We have named this ministry Wyldlife for a reason...and we need your input, wisdom and help in all that we do.  Middle School is a very unique age.  There is A LOT going on in the body and world of a middle schooler.  You remember, right?
We need parents to greet other parents at the curb when they drop off their kids.  We need parents to make snacks for our 'after club' gatherings.  We need parents to get the word out about Wyldlife in Tyler!
So, how do you get involved?  How can you stay in the loop?
If you desire one or the other or both, please click on the button below.  When we receive your form, we will add you to our Wydllife Parent Email List so that you can be 'in the know.'  

​​Parent Form

You can also join our Wyldlife Facebook page at 'Tyler Wyldlife in the 903.'
If you have any questions, comments or violent reactions, please feel free to call our Young Life Office at (903)526-0550 or our Wyldlife Coordinator (Julie Gibson) at (979)450-0833.


The semester has taken off! Here is the schedule for the semester:

September 24
Find Your Leader
The Mall @ 6:44 pm

October 1
Color Club
First Christian Church @ 6:44 pm

October 8
Hippie Club
First Christian Church @ 6:44 pm
October 15
Game Show Club
First Christian Church @ 6:44 pm

October 22
Pink vs Blue
First Christian Church @ 6:44 pm

October 29
TBD @ 6:44 pm

November 5
CLUBBLE (Balloon Club)
First Christian Church @ 6:44 pm

November 12
Sports Club
First Christian Church @ 6:44 pm

November 19
Wyldlife @ the Movies
Time Square @ 6:44 pm

December 3 
Leaders vs Kids Club 
First Christian Church @ 6:44 pm

December 10
Tourist Club
First Christian Church @ 6:44

Wyldlife is for every middle schooler in our community.  Due to a lack of volunteers right now, we are focusing all of our efforts on Hubbard Middle School, Three Lakes Middle School and Moore Middle School.  Once our leadership team grows, we will branch out and begin to invade one middle school at a time!

So what's next?

That's a GREAT Question...
What is next for Tyler Wyldlife?
We desire to be in EVERY middle school in our community.
We desire to send caring and loving adults to invade the world of middle schoolers one kid at a time.
We desire to love kids as they are.
We desire to tell kids about Jesus and share our lives with them regardless of their decision to follow Jesus or not.
We are going to camp this summer. It will be the highlight of your student's summer!
Young Life rents Camp Buckner in Burnet, Texas for a few weeks during the summer to host one of our Wyldlife Camps, attracting students from around our Nation.

Check out this national Wyldlife VIDEO to get a glimpse of what our Wyldlife Camp may look like... 

If finances are a challenge for you, please let us know.  We will NEVER leave anyone at home because of money!  Seriously.


Young Life Tyler | PO Box 7763 Tyler, TX 75711-7763

Phone: (903) 526-0550

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